Roshon Fegan aka “Ya Boy Ro” is known in Los Angeles as a rising young   Hip-Hop/Pop artist, producer and songwriter. The young mogul writes and produces all of his own music under his independently owned record label, 3inaRo Records.

The company name, 3-in-a-Ro represents Roshon as a triple threat; multitalented artist, actor and seasoned dancer. At the early age of four, Ro embarked on a search to find an outlet to release his energy and channel his artistic expression. From pots and pans in the kitchen to buying his first MPC, Ro’s undying passion for creating music has developed over the years. With an African American and Filipino upbringing, Ro has a unique ear for creating music that is universally appealing by fusing hip-hop/R&B, funk, pop and dance. This nineteen-year-old musical prodigy continues to gain recognition with his imagination and vision. As a member of ASCAP, Ro is now focusing on his goal to secure a recording contract under a major label in hopes of

touring the world performing for loyal fans. “I AM” the first single off the forthcoming “I AM RO” EP conveys a meaningful message; be yourself and reach for the stars. Ro’s professional career and personal life are guided by this motto. His musical influences include Will.I.Am, Timberland, JR Rotem, and Justin Timberlake. Ro often summarizes his music as “an original sound fusing hip-hop and R&B devoid of samples, just great tracks pumping a unique sound with lyrics that convey confidence and swag.” Roshon’s career in entertainment involves notable roles as an actor including a starring role in the hit DISNEY movie, “Camp Rock” alongside the Jonas Brothers. In addition Ro lent his voice to the film’s soundtrack for several songs including the hit “Hasta La Vista.” Roshon introduced a new genre to DISNEY with his self-produced titled song, “Camp Rock,” a Hip-Hop/ Pop track included on the DVD as part of the “Behind the Scenes” bonus features. His star continues to shine bright with his latest acting gig on DISNEY’s brand new hit show, “Shake It Up.” While Ro provides guidance to the “Shake It Up” cast, he continues to build a big brother bond with his best friend on the show, nine-year- old Davis Cleveland. This relationship exemplifies Ro’s character as a person, bridging the gap between generations, races, and ethnicities. He embraces his job as a positive role model. As an actor and entertainer, Roshon Fegan has had extensive dance training at the BK Acting Studio and USC 32nd Street Performing Arts. He has also appeared on screen in notable roles including the hit television series “Monk,” alongside Golden Globe and Emmy Winner Tony Shalhoub, and the feature film “Spiderman 2,” alongside Toby Maguire.


President of 3inaRo Entertainment, Roy Fegan and CEO Roshon Fegan, founded their entertainment company and record label as an outlet to exercise each of their individual passion and forum to produce, direct, and create with inventive freedom. 3inaRo Entertainment focuses on mainstream music and creates youthful music driven programming for commercials, television, film and live performances.


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